Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Objects of Comfort-Dry Winter Skin Edition

I have such dry skin in the winter, it's uncomfortable.  Last winter it got so bad and I scratched so much I was making myself bleed.  It was awful and going into this winter I knew I didn't want that to happen again, so I set about finding ways to combat the winter.  Here's what is working for me so far:
1.  Back scratcher:  I have so many back scratchers, I keep one in my car, one in my purse, one beside my bed and one in my tote. I love being able to reach that one spot that I can't quite get with my nails.  The other benefit is that I often chew and tear my nails down too low so I can't scratch with them, so I find myself using my back scratcher to itch other spots, plus it's a little bit softer and doesn't tear into my skin.  (Also, normally when I pull out a back scratcher, instead of getting weird looks, most people ask me where I got it because everyone loves a good back scratching!)

2.  Humidifier:  I have a snoring problem. I am actively trying to find ways to cure me of this problem (more for my husband as honestly it doesn't bother me). One of the things I decided to do was use a humidifier. I got this one that just sits on my nightstand table and while I don't think it helps my snoring I do think it helps my dryness.  (I also think I am going to buy one of these for traveling)

3.  Lipsmackers: I love lipsmackers. I love all the flavors and I love how soft they make my lips. Like my back scratchers I keep one everywhere I am (my desk, my purse, my car, my bag, etc...) I am never less than a foot away from a lipsmacker.  And now they have Marvel lipsmackers, you can bet I got a Captain America pack! (I normally buy mine from their website when they have sales or from clearance sections after holidays.)

4.  Lush Butterball Bath Bomb:  I discovered Lush when I was in Washington last summer.  If I could I would buy one of these butterball bath bombs for each week. My skin feels so good and soft when I get out of the bath after using one of these!  They are amazing and luckily I can order from their website since we live nowhere close to a Lush store!

5.  Cetaphil: While I like Bath & Bodyworks lotions and body creams I don't use them as much in the winter.  If I put Cetaphil on right after I get out of the shower that seems to help me combat dry skin the best.  Lat year I didn't use it as much but this year I committed to using it daily and it has helped the most.

What have you found that works the best when to fight the dryness of winter? 
And, why is it so dry when we have so much snow?1

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