Friday, January 06, 2017

Looking for the Perfect Tote

If you know anything about me you know I always, always have a tote bag with me.  (Someday soon I will do a post about what is in my bag), it basically has everything I need to make it through my day.  Mostly I have used an LL Bean or Lands End canvas tote, but this spring I want to change it up.  I have loved the Color Canvas Totes from Lands End because the canvas is softer than the natural canvas of either Lands End or LL Bean.  I have a pink one and a burgundy one.  The problem is I can't fit everything I need in there so I end up taking a small size tote as well.  Plus I am just ready for a change.  (I also used to carry a Vera Bradley, which I loved but there just isn't that many pockets in one of those!)

Last year I discovered a company called Birdling. I am not sure how they first came onto my radar (probably some blog I follow) but I quickly fell in love with them.  When I work extra shifts (like scorekeeping middle school basketball games or working Teen Night) I always save that money for something really selfish I can buy, so I bought myself a Weekender bag (I got mine in pink which they no longer have).

It is amazing.  It is so well made and holds tons of stuff.  I am impressed with the quality every time I pick it up.  My favorite part is the zippers, they are so strong and sturdy.

This fall I decided to save up again and buy myself the Overnighter, which I got in Washed Olive. I love this one more than the Weekender because the main compartment is wide open (the Weekender has three compartments).  I have used it a few times and just couldn't love it more.  So, in my search for a new tote, I think I am going to go with their Day Tripper.

I have a round of girls basketball scorekeeping and will have the money to buy myself one soon.  I am just hesitant to buy one if I don't love it.  Remember this will be an everyday bag.  There are a lot of pockets and I know it will be very well made, but will it be everything I want in a tote?

Do you carry a tote bag?  What is your favorite one?

(Also, I need a new laptop bag, any suggestions?)

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