Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Currently: January 3, 2017

Currently I cannot stop thinking about Manchester by the Sea.  It was so good and so sad, but I wouldn't tell people not to go because of the sadness. The acting was so powerful I just cannot stop thinking about it.  Give it a go if you are looking for something different. And expect to cry.

On a totally different note, my new favorite podcast is My Favorite Murder. It's so funny and very interesting.  It's hard to describe and if you are not a fan of much swearing, avoid it.  But if you want a podcast where you sit down with your two best friends and talk about disturbing things, this is it.

I'm reading Dayshift by Charlaine Harris.  She wrote the Sookie Stackhouse books that the show True Blood was based on. This spring NBC is doing a show based on this trilogy called Midnight Texas.  I really liked the first one and am enjoying this one, just not getting much reading time lately.

And, I am planning for 2017!  I will do a post soon about my planner and what I am doing for 2017.

How has your 2017 started out?

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