Monday, November 21, 2016

My Bag of Power

There is nothing I hate more than being faced with the prospect of needing to charge my phone or nook or ipad and not being able to.  I pretty much have a charging cord in every room of my house and my car.  I always have cords in my bag, but I didn't like how they looked just hanging out in the pockets in my bag.  Drove me nuts. Last spring someone gave me a little bag filled with pens, which is very nice, but I already have pen carriers.  Then I got the brainstorm to create a "bag of power" that I can carry with me, either in my bag or my purse, everyday.  It's all the things I don't want to find myself without if I am somewhere for any length of time.
The bag is just a cute little cloth bag so it fits anywhere, it's squishable.
In my cloth bag I put an ipad cord, a samsung cord, earbuds, lipsmacker, a portable battery charger (it's not the best one you can buy, but it's small and will charge your phone up when it's at full power), a cigarette lighter usb plug, two outlet usb plugs, a mechanical pencil and a black inkjoy pen.

The ipad cord is a 6 foot cord I bought from amazon.  I bought one for each member of my family and they are beloved. Seriously, one of the best presents you can buy a teenager is a 6 foot charging cord.  There are even 10 foot cords! (make sure to get mifi apple certfied cords)

I love my bag of power and I end up pulling it out almost everyday to get something

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