Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gilmore Girls Review (pre-revival)

If you have been paying any kind of attention to pop culture you know that a Gilmore Girls revival/reunion is in the works at Netflix.  Gilmore Girls was a series on The WB (which then moved to The CW) that started in 2000.  My life in the year 2000 was a lot different than it is now.  For one thing, I had a two year old and a baby, so I was a pretty new parent. I LOVED Gilmore Girls and devoured almost every episode (I kind of faded out during the 7th season).

When it came onto Netflix a few years ago I decided that I would rewatch it. But I didn't get very far. My problem is that I don't really like Lorelai and she is one of the main characters. I do adore Rory and there are a lot of secondary characters I really like as well.  It's just that when I went back, after being a "real grown up" and a parent for a lot more years I realized how unlikable Lorelai was.  She is bratty to her parents, I know she "hated her childhood," but grow up. As a mom you should recognize they were trying the best they could. Quite whining about the way you were raised, you are fine now.  She is a helicopter mom, this was the most annoying one to me. In the first season when Rory was late to her test and couldn't take it Lorelai marched right to the headmaster's office to get them to let her take the test. It was a good lesson for Rory, if she wanted to go to an Ivy League college she needs to know there are rigid standards. Rory was just so used to things always going her way, and I am sure a lot of that was Lorelai's doing, that it was hard for her to handle when something didn't go her way. That whole episode just bothered me.

There were also a few other things that I realized I liked and most people didn't.  And after reading negative things about the characters I liked online and glowing things about characters I didn't it tainted some of my feelings for the show.

First off, I love the actor who played Christopher.  Because of that I wanted him to mature and be a viable candidate for Lorelai. It's not that I didn't like Luke, but I just really like David Sutcliffe.

Secondly, if you had a mature, smart, darling daughter you would not want her to date Jess.  Ever.  I know a lot of people will argue this one with me, but I just cannot and will not ever be Team Jess.  Seriously, if Rory ends up with him at the end of the revival, it will really taint the series for me. (I have never been one to like the "bad boys" but I know those tend to be the most popular in TV shows).
Dean was a nice guy, until the writers destroyed that by having him get married, then cheat on his wife with Rory. That was so out of character for both Rory and Dean and I know people make mistakes, especially young people, but come on.  This one was just awful. I truly loved Logan for Rory because he challenged her the most. The first scene where they debate in the hall at college, he nailed it right on the head. But I was fine with Rory not ending up with Logan. (read this great article on why Logan was the best for Rory, love it!)   Going into the revival all I can think is...please get Rory someone new. Or let her be totally happy being alone.

Anyway, I wasn't going to watch the revival because of all my negative feelings towards the show now, but there is a lot of hype and good reviews and I decided I am going to give a shot.  I'll let you know what I think later...

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