Monday, May 02, 2016

Currently May 2, 2016

Drinking:  One day this spring someone brought me a coffee from Copper Mountain.  They had asked the barista to make me a coffee that they liked as well and she made me a White Chocolate Gingerbread coffee.  It was AWESOME!  Unfortunately, the gingerbread flavor is seasonal, so they don't have a bunch left.  But, I went back  the next day and the same barista was there and she said she'd always make me one and even order more gingerbread if need be!

Watching:  I just love Veep.  Season 5 just started on HBO, but on the HBO Go app (which if you are a cable subscriber to HBO you can log into this app and watch all HBO stuff) they have all the season, so I am watching it all again!

Awesome Etiquette:  I very recently discovered this podcast and I love it.  It's not so much of an etiquette podcast, but more like how to treat people.  But it's done in such a nice positive way and mostly it's answering questions people have.  I just love it.

You Must Remember This:  Along with discovering Awesome Etiquette, I discovered this podcast.  The host tells stories and myths about old time Hollywood.  I love listening to it!

What has been keeping you fulfilled recently?

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