Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Portable Charger Reviews

When we were planning our Salmon River trip I bought us a portable battery charger.  I was very sure I wouldn't sleep well and I wanted to be able to read on my Nook if I needed to or listen to a podcast or music.  Since we were going to be out for a full week I knew I had to spend a little bit more to get one that might hold its charge for that long.  I ended up buying this model (which was not that price when I bought it.  I think it was around $40).  It has been an amazing charger, it is still going strong, charges my phone up fully around 5 times before dying and holds its own charge for over a week.

Carter started using it a ton last year on soccer trips and any bus rides.  It gave me the idea to buy these as graduation presents for a few of our friends graduating from college.  I figured they could use them when they are studying, etc... and away from a plug.  I bought this model for them and I think has worked well (one of them told me it was awesome and they use it all the time).

So I decided to buy Max and Carter each one for Christmas so they could use them on bus rides or at school, whatever.  I bought this model.  Max says his is working fine, but Carter's really wasn't.  It only charged a phone to 40% before dying.  I am not sure Max has used his much because he got a new phone that actually holds a charge longer than two hours. 

Carter is swimming right now and I knew he would want to use one for the rest of swim season and then into college.  So I sent the one that wasn't working back and got him this model.  He said it is awesome.  At his last swim meet he charged three phones up to 100% and the charger was still going. 

Its only 19.99 and if you have a teen that is going to be doing a lot of traveling on buses or to areas that charging phones will be hard, think about getting them one of these chargers.  Believe me, nothing is more annoying than not being able to get a hold of them to find out where they are and when they will be back to town!  I am going to buy a few of them for college students again this spring.  They make great presents!

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