Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dollar Shave Club & the Warnells

(I don't think I have put Carter's senior pictures on here, but now that I am on the countdown to graduation I will be posting more of them)

I think my son is darling.  (Both of them actually).  He is blessed with an attractiveness, for sure.  And he has that confidence that comes with knowing he doesn't have to worry about his looks so he never does.  It drives me crazy because he neglects things.  Like washing his face more when he has breakouts, which he does.  And SHAVING.  He is starting to have to shave more and more, but is lazy and just doesn't.

Anyway, I had been tossing around the idea of joining the Dollar Shave Club for him.  The reasons are twofold:  he won't have to worry about getting himself blades and every other month he will get a package in the mail.  Every college student loves getting packages!  (Although I hope to be the kind of mom that sends care packages, I might be too lazy for that, so this will take the place of a care package from mom every other month!)

Plus, it is so freaking cheap.  They have a two blade $1 option, a 4 blade $6 option and a 6 blade $9 option.  I did the $6 option for Carter.  You can also set it up so they come every other month.  That's what I did for Carter.

(One other thing I have liked so far is that you can cancel your membership, or make any changes you want, right on the website.  None of that calling customer service.  They just let you do it without trying to talk you into staying.  Try getting out of ProActiv, it is horrible.  My mom joined that for Carter and it took forever for her to get untangled from them.  That stuff could be pure gold and make your skin like that of an angel and I still will NEVER join them again.)

I showed my partner librarian the commercial, it's on the front page of the website, it's hysterical and she joined it for her husband first.  Then she sent me a request to join under her so I did and she got $5 off her first order.

We got the razor and the blades about a week later and I was super impressed.  The package was cute and came with a sample of their shave butter.  Carter used it that day and because he is not a razor snob yet, he liked it just fine.  I am glad I am getting him started with this club so early because he won't every have to live through the horror that is buying expensive blades every month!

Scott, however, is a different story.  I had him use Carter's razor because the blades for his are horrendously expensive.  He didn't love it because he is a razor snob.  I am keeping at him, though because I know he doesn't change his blades as much as he should because they are so expensive.  I keep pointing out that with this club he could use a new blade EVERY WEEK.  But he's not convinced, yet.  I think I will join it for him and if he doesn't come around, I can always use them.  If he doesn't like them on his face, at least he could use them on his head.  He has to do lots of shaving, that one does!

If you are thinking about joining, let me know and I will send you an invite so I can get credit (actually, just click here and I will get the credit!).  I am spreading the word to the many moms I know who have sons going off to college too!

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