Thursday, June 25, 2015

June Update

Here's what's bee going on in our lives:

*movies:  Spy was hysterical.  I laughed harder in that than most movies I have seen in a few years.  It was awesome.  Jurassic World was everything you want in a summer movie--action, monsters, edge of your seat type of fun.  Inside Out was amazing.  I would go to that again and again.  Loved it!

*TV:  finally watching Orange is the New Black.  It's very good, funny and sad and intense.  A good show to binge on.  I also love Unreal which is a summer show on Lifetime, like a behind the scenes show of a Bachelor type show.  I watched Mr. Robot last night and it really intrigued me.  Will probably keep on with that one.

*trips:  We went to Billings for state soccer.  Carter's team won while Max's team played three awesome games.  He came so far this season playing goalie.  Good stuff!

Nothing much else is going on--I have been pretty lazy this past week but prepping for a rafting/camping trip.

How has your summer started?

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