Thursday, March 26, 2015


A lot has been happening here at the Warnell household.  Carter recently went to prom.  He looked very handsome in his tux.  It was an interesting event because earlier that week he had broken up with his girlfriend.  That's right, the week before prom.  He wanted to wait, but she could tell something was up and in the long run it came out that week.  They did still go as friends but it was awkward.  I hope they can come back to being friends, but for now she is really hurt.  I think his reasons were fine because he is 17 and they hadn't made a major commitment to each other, so his happiness can still come first, but he did still enjoy her.  His feelings were just changing and he wanted to make the break before he got resentful and started treating her poorly.  He and I talked about it a lot and the whole thing has been hard on him and her.  (They hadn't quite reached a year yet)  Good life lesson and I am glad we were around to help him through it.  I was sad for him and her, and I really liked her!  It was a good first relationship for him, she was a great girlfriend.  They kind of set their standards pretty high with each other.  It will be interesting to see what the future holds for both of them.

My sciatic nerve starting acting up again, not quite as bad as it did the year after Carter was diagnosed, but pretty bad.  It is really draining to be in pain all day.  I pulled out my exercises and got on a muscle relaxers and it helped a bit, but didn't quite fix it all.  Then I got on a week course of prednisone and WOW, that helped right away.  Good stuff that!

It did really drain me for a couple of weeks, though and I haven't gotten much done around the house.  We are staying home for spring break, though, and I hope to get a lot done--organize my closet, make jam, clean out a few places, take stuff to the church rummage sale, etc...  I am going to plan time to relax and read and watch TV though, too.

Have a happy day!

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