Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Life has been moving right along here at the ole Warnell manor.  We had our big fundraiser for the booster club (of which I am president) in January, and for the few weeks leading up to that, it was all I was thinking about.  It went really well and was a lot of fun.

Carter took finals for the first time ever in high school.  Normally they used those days as incentive days and if your grades were good and you had no more than two absences you didn't have to take finals.  The problem was that some kids were  graduating high school without ever taking a final and it was not serving them well in college.  This year they created a few incentive days with the same criteria, but they were spread out during the semester.  one day carter got to stay home, but the other he went to get some support with an assignment.  Seems to be a good system. 

Max is in the middle school play--Aladdin Jr.  His character is Razoul, which he is enjoying, but the slow pace of this play is annoying him.  When he is in a play in Bigfork, they audition and 2 1/2 weeks later they are performing for audiences.  With the middle school rehearsals can only be until 5 each day and the pace is much slower.  We still have a month to go before a performance but this kind of thing is a great learning experience!

Today I am feeling like I might be getting a good head cold.  In fact, as the day has gone on I have been feeling worse and worse.  Guess I will be pushing the Emergen-C and Nyquil for the next few days. 

And, I have been creating new fun post its to print.  One of those brainless things I can do in the evening that brings me joy.  They are darling!  Just look!

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