Friday, February 06, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Vs. iPhone

First off, I have loved both phones.  There are a lot of positives for either one and I think you can find a way to love either one if you decide to not look back when you make the switch.  (That's a big one, if you constantly say, "my old phone could do..." then you are only going to want the old one--look forward!)
Here are the things I do like about my Samsung (or the Android platform) best (and why I will probably not go back):

1) You can take off the back and change the battery or add extra memory.  This is HUGE.  Basically the reason I had to get a new phone was because I tried to change the battery on my iphone.  My screen was cracked but the only way to get to the battery is to lift the screen which caused it to break completely.  I am not sure why Apple makes it so hard to change a freaking battery!  Also, I have added a 32GB microSD card to my Samsung so I never have to worry about it filling up!

2) The screen.  I know that the iPhone 6's are bigger, but when I first got my Samsung, the screen is one thing I totally loved about it.  It's big!  And clear!  LOVE it!

3)  The camera.  When I first got it I ran all the camera tests--took pictures, then printed them.  Although the pictures looked better on my phone due to the big, clear screen, they didn't print well.  Until I figured out how to change all the camera settings.  Now they print beautifully and I feel confident that I can take a great picture with this camera.

4)  It acts like a hard drive.  When I plug it into my computer I can see all the folders that are available on the phone.  This is a big deal because I can move things around, take things out or add things way easier than with an iphone.  One thing that always drove me nuts was that I had to go through itunes for everything.  And towards the end of my iphone life  it started to seem like they only wanted you to use the cloud instead of itunes.  I like a little more control over what goes on my phone so I love this feature on my Samsung.

5)  It's customizable.  I just discovered this about my phone (and tablet, I have a Samsung Tablet/Nook too) this week and I LOVE it!  You can download a "Launcher" (I used Nova Launcher) and then several icon/theme packs to create a whole new look for your phone.  It's wonderful.  Here's how mine looks now (I have everything on 3 screens, but I could have more than that if I wanted to)
This is using an icon pack called Elun.  The wallpaper is my own that I put on there (plain pink).  The left screen is my least favorite, but it has widgets (another thing I LOVE about Androids) for my podcast app, music app and my alarm.  The middle is my favorite because I LOVE the weather apps I am using.  The top one is just The Weather Channel, but the five day forecast is one called Eye in the Sky and it's totally customizable as well.   These are both the widget version of the app.  I might get rid of The Weather Channel one, but I am not sure yet.  The third screen holds all my apps.  I changed the icons for each one.  Isn't it awesome. 

Anyway, for now these are the things I like better.  I am not sorry I switched, but it did take me a long time to learn some things.  I just didn't look back and figured that someone out there has an answer or tutorial for every question I had!

Now, I am off to play with my phone a bit more...

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