Thursday, February 19, 2015


As you know, I have a love affair with post its.  I have so many of them I could use 10 of them a day and still probably never run out.  And I love printing on them.  So when I reworked my planner I kept the left side of each journaling page open so I could put post-its there or just a to-do list.  The other day I was at Office Max and saw Post-Its 5x8 lined pads.  But I had another great idea, I asked the guy at the copy/binding counter if they had a paper cutter that works for large amounts.  They did, so I had him cut the pads in half to make a 2.5x8 pad, perfect for the left side of my planner pages!!
Anyway, currently my favorite is the 3x3 yellow lined post it because it looks like a mini yellow legal pad.  Post-its has these great new color collections (that I can only find a few of in town).  Here are some links to my new cuter posits:
2x2 Variety
3x3 Variety 1
3x3 Variety 2

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