Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Planner Love

When I was in 7th grade I went to the movie The Sure Thing, and I fell in love.  Not with John Cusak but with Daphne Zuniga's character Allison.  Her super preppy clothes, her fair isle cardigan, her Caio bag, her puffy vest, but most of all her planner.

I aspired to be as put together as she was in the movie.  (spoiler alert, I never have been).

But, I did develop a life long love of planning my days and using a planner.  and when I look back on my life, 90% of the time my planner was self made.  I have tried store bought ones, even used a Lang monthly, notebook size planner for about 5 years.  Then my life got much, much busier and those boxes just got too small.  When I went out looking for a new store bought, weekly calendar I discovered that most of them put their weekend days in one box.  Seriously?!  Saturday and Sunday were sometimes my busiest days.  I needed more room to write!

Those of you who have been around my blog awhile, or who know me in person know that I have been making my own planner for few years now, but lately I have reworked it and made some changes.  And I love it so much!  (Here's version 2)

Earlier this summer I discovered a who group of people who consider themselves planner addicts.  They are rampant on instagram and pinterest, and I recognized myself in a lot of them.  But, most of them use filofaxes, or Erin Condren planners (which you will recall I tried a few summers ago and didn't love).  There are a few out there who make their own and a few who sell the ones they make for printing yourself.  I don't think I am ever going to go that far, but I am loving what I have right now.

1.  My new cover.  I downloaded some digital pattern paper and used that to design and print my own cover.  Love it!
2.  I make a list book for each season (here's my post on those, I have changed them a little bit since then). This one is for spring so I haven't quite started using it yet.  I will in March.
3 & 6.  More of my "new" printed post it notes.  I found this post where the girl talked about using picmonkey to make her printed post its.  Genius!  I started doing that right away!
4.  This is my big change--I used some of the overlays I made for the post-its and put them on my journaling/meal planning pages.  I left the whole left side blank to put post its that I have written on or grocery lists, or whatever I want to use it for.
5.  Awhile ago I took out all the lines and do like that much better.  I also started making labels for recurring events and the weather. 

The other biggest change I made was that I printed it on really high quality paper.  It's not cardstock, but just thick, smooth paper--the ink doesn't bleed through!  I LOVE it.  And I get really excited each week when I turn to a new page. (I will be using this paper to print up my list notebook, but I already have them made through the fall so I won't be doing it quite yet)

And I used a wire coil to bind it, which I love.  Makes it look a little more professional.

So, there you have it.  I am really loving my new planner.  Let me know what you think!

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