Monday, February 09, 2015


Here are the things I am loving right now...

*I have reworked my planner and LOVE it.  I will do a post on that a little bit later.

*My new glasses.  I just love them.  They are quite a big change from before so they really look different, plus there are gems in the side! 

*Dirty Chai Lattes:  A friend introduced me to these and I have fallen in love.  They are creamy and a bit spicy, but with a little kick of caffeine.  So yummy and comforting!

*Grantchester on PBS:  I love this show!  It's on Sunday nights and it's about a vicar in a small town in England in the 50's who solves murders with a local police investigator.   It is based off a series of books (I will probably read the second one when I am done watching this series--which has 6 episodes).  Each season is based off one books which is interesting because each book has a series of small mysteries instead of one big one.  Should make for a fun read!  The main character is played by James Norton, who played a psychopath on a show on Netflix called Happy Valley (I watched this over Christmas break, very intense and good!).  He does a great job as a vicar and a psychopath--good range!

*My Samsung phone--still loving all the customizations I have figured out.  The trick now will be leaving it alone for awhile!

*Micron and Flair pens.  I have always loved flair pens, but I just discovered these Micron pens and love them too.  When I reworked my planner I printed it on really high quality paper so writing with felt tip pens is the best--there is no bleeding through-- and these ones are quickly becoming my favorites!

That's about all I have been enjoying.  I had quite a sore throat this weekend and am losing my voice a bit which makes for a tiring day.  Hope you had a great weekend!

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