Monday, January 05, 2015

2014 Wrap Up

Here's what I loved as 2014 wrapped up:

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries:
I discovered this series on Netflix in early December and became obsessed with it.  I adore Miss Fisher and the chemistry between her and the detective she works with is amazing.  There is one more series happening in Australia so I probably have to wait until next fall or so until I get to watch it but I can't wait!  So good!

Hallmark Channel Movies:
Starting in November I discovered cheesy romantic Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel which has rolled over to cheesy romantic movies.  How have I been running around all these years missing these movies!

I already highlighted these on my blog, but I got a few more and still just love them.  They write so smooth and you can get all kinds of refills, including colored ink. 

Ali Edwards:
The last few years I haven't been very creative at all.  I miss it.  This December I rediscovered one of the "scrapbooking stars" I used to follow way back when.  Her style has been one I have always loved so I decided to sign up for one of her yearlong classes called One Little Word.  My word for the year is Capture.  I will post more on why I picked that word later.

2014 wrapped up as a wonderful year.  I am looking forward to 2015 being just as wonderful!

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