Thursday, December 04, 2014

Crohns and Colitis Awareness

Carer is doing so well that I totally forgot that Crohns and Colitis Awareness week was going on.  This summer we were chatting during one of our drives home from a treatment and he said, "I don't even really know anything about my disease."  So we chatted more and he really doesn't.  He knows generally what it does, but his slide into being sick was so gradual as was his path back to health.  He doesn't even really remember how sick he was.  I hope this continues for him and that he keeps growing and being healthy and that he doesn't have to deal with another flare up, but he probably will someday. 

He realized his knowledge is lacking because his girlfriend and her sister asked him about it.  He didn't know what to tel them so her sister looked it up and read somewhere that he would have a shorter life span.  Then she was sad.  So, he has to learn more for sure.

We are so lucky that we have insurance to have treatments because I know  some people who have one of these diseases without the means to treat them effectively.  It makes me so sad and so grateful.  So, for this awareness week, I am happy we are at a place in our lives that we don't have to worry to much, and I am working on having Carter learn more about his disease and I am starting to ~gulp~ plan his transition to college.  (I cannot even believe I have to write that!!)

Happy Holidays and Drive Safe!

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