Friday, September 19, 2014

Small Update

Do you like my new colors?  I love them but here's what is interesting--the colors on my monitor at school are different (better) than the ones on my laptop at home.  Very weird!

Anyway, this fall:

*Max got the part of Smee in Peter Pan.  Way bigger role that he has ever had and it had been crazy busy.  He auditioned Sept 4 and their first performance is TONIGHT!  He has learned his lines and his songs and his dances really well.  Like super easy.  He doesn't like to do any of it around the house so we can be surprised when we see the performance, but I have seen a few snippets because I was helping out a bit this week during dress rehearsals.  I think he is doing a really good job!

*Carter is playing soccer and the team is looking way better this year than previous years.  We have won two games and should've won at least one other one.  But, they are working hard and I think once they break through a few times they will continue to impress and win!  It's really awesome to see the growth in these boys.  This summer Carter was telling me that they are just so small and I had to point out that he isn't small anymore.  He is a junior and is taller and matches up physically with most of the boys they play against.  So does the rest of his team!  He liked this revelation!

*Scott and I went to Portland to attend the wedding of one of the flower girls from our wedding.  (We celebrated our 20th anniversary earlier this summer).  I can't believe she was old enough to get married!  We had a really fun time at the wedding and got to hang out with Scott's brother Mark and his wife Maria, who we never get to see.  The wedding was next to a pumpkin patch, very fall setting, but it was super hot that day.  Still, a beautiful wedding and a very fun weekend!

*I have had a great start to my school year--very productive.  I was ready to be back here after the chaos of August (company every single week!).  And I have loved the cooler weather.  It really is fall!  And I am so lucky that I truly love my job and feel a lot of contentment being here.  It's been a busy start though and I feel like I haven't bought groceries or cooked all of September.

How has your fall been?

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