Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Family Dinner?

I always love the idea of taking a few minutes at the end of the day to eat dinner together.  When it happens it is just a nice moment, however, it is a rare thing in our family.

But, I don't miss it and here is why.

The idea of family dinner is making time to spend together and catch up with each other.  Sometimes a family meal is so quick there is no catching up to be done.  This past week, when we have been more busy than anything we had two evenings where we were all in the living room, catching our breaths, not watching TV and just hanging out.  And it was awesome.  I think I wrote about this previously because there was one year where it was happening a lot in the kitchen.  No surprise but this is one of Carter's favorite things, when we just hang out as a family.  And it is one of mine to.  And I think it is a perfectly good substitute for the idea of family dinner.  In fact, it can be better because we are not rushing, we are just relaxing and just being together.  No agendas.

How do you carve out family time each week?

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