Sunday, September 21, 2014

Empty Nest...

This summer (and still tonight as I type this) I got a taste of what life might be like with an empty nest.  And there are parts I love and there are parts that make me sad.  Carter has got himself a girlfriend--a lovely, goofy, sweet girl.  He wants to spend a lot of time with her.  She has a sister who is Max's age (but a year ahead in school) and they have gotten to be very good friends as well.  So there are times where all four of them go and do things, or hang out, sometimes here and sometimes at their house.  So there are times when Scott and I have hours to hang out by ourselves (or this summer while Scott was at work where I was by myself).  And I like it.  A lot, but it does bring a certain sadness. 

And tonight while doing laundry and laying Carter's stuff for soccer on the bench in our mudroom I realized that soon this will be over.  There won't be piles of his stuff all over the place.  And that will make me happy...and very sad.  It has gone so very, very quick! 

It's definitely weird to not be such a big part of their lives any more.  But, it's okay too.  It feels pretty natural.  That's probably because Carter is very good about including me in his life most of the time and still tells me he enjoys things like hanging out in the living room chatting or running errands with me.  Max and I still spend a lot of time together chatting and enjoying TV shows and movies. 

I hope that even when they move out the include me in their lives a little bit. 

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