Friday, August 15, 2014

So Excited

The other day when I went down the planner rabbit hole I found a post from a woman who showed off how she carried all her "supplies" (pens, post its, stickers, paper clips, etc...).  This is something I have struggled with in the past.  I used to have two different pencil bags--one for felt tips and one for ballpoints--and an additional bag for post its.  The post its bag did more harm than good because they all got jumbled and messed up.  Anyway, this woman used a makeup bag she found at Target--a makeup bag!  I had never thought about using a makeup bag.  So I went right out to look for one.  I didn't find the one she talked about, but I think I found a BETTER one.

There is one side for makeup brushes that works perfectly for my pens.  There are two attached pockets/pouches, I used one for more pens and one for post its.  Behind the post its pouch is another pocket that I put paper clips and binder clips into.  Altogether its smaller and neater than what I used in the past.  I can't carry quite as many pens as previously, however, that's fine because I think I was carrying around way too many anyway!

Sometimes I take it out and just look at it. I love it!

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