Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Printable Post-Its--Again!

The other day I went searching for ideas for my 2015 planner.  I was redesigning the backs of my weekly pages, the journaling/meal planning pages.  I found a lot of really cool planner ideas.  Lots of people use the Erin Condren planner that I tried last year and a lot of people design additional products to go along with their planner.  I found someone who made these darling "Don't Forget" stickers and thought, I think I can make a post it version of that.  So I did!

I actually took that idea and made a lot of other post its too.
I had a great time making all these and know I will use them a lot!
Here are some examples:
 This is what the inside cover of my planner looks like.  After I print the post its I put them on the inside cover or I might put a few of them on the blank weeks. 
 The version I have for you to print actually has a space between the Don't and Forget.  There is a color and a black and white version.
 I made a small calendar grid because I was trying to keep track of a few things for each month this summer.  I think it's so cute!

In the sidebar I have links to these that you can download and print and a few that aren't shown here.  I have a 2x2 version of the "Don't Forget" post it as well, and one with a banner down the side.  If you aren't sure how to print on post its, read this blog post.

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