Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My New Favorites

I love Memorial Day weekend because ti gives me a glimpse into how my summer is going to be--and I can tell you this--my summer is going to be LAZY!

Here are some other things I have fallen in love with:

*Frappes:  I tell you what, I am in love with frappes from our more local coffeehouse--City Brew.  Their caramel-vanilla or caramel-mocha frappes are what have kept me going over the last week.  I run over there almost everyday (thank God there is one by my school) in the morning.  So good!

*The Lizzie Bennet Diaries:  This is a darling online adaption of Pride & Prejudice.  Lizzie is creating a video blog for a graduate class she is taking and it follows the whole story.  It is so innovative and fun to watch.  There are 100 episodes, but they go super fast--they are only 4-7 minutes long.  Watch a couple here and there--you will not be sorry!

*Emma Approved:  I adored The Lizzie Bennet Diaries so I was delighted when I discovered the same company was in the process of making an adaption of Emma (right now 48 episodes have been released, with more starting next week, I hope).  I LOVE this one--I have always like Emma more than Pride & Prejudice.  The actors playing Emma & Mr. Knightley are so adorable and do such a good job--I am liking this one more than The Lizzie Bennet Diaires.  I actually would say watch this one first, but TLBD is all done so you can watch the end, while this one has a ways to go!

*Croquet:  My wonderful mother-in-law bought Max a croquet set for his birthday and we had a great time playing it this weekend.  We set it up on our hill so it's a big course and hard with lots of up and down hill plays.  So far I have won one game, Carter has won one and Max has won three or four.  Scott, of course, has killed us all, winning more than losing.  It has been so much fun!  (Now I need to buy a new badminton net so our yard can be all fun all the time!)
Not a bad view for playing croquet!
 *My New Pyrex Bowl:  Michelle bought me this bowl she found at an antiques consignment type store.  There are a few things that are the most awesome about this bowl and the fact that she bought it without knowing all these awesome things.  
1) This pattern is called FRIENDSHIP.  It's my favorite but I hadn't found any of it to buy and I wasn't going to buy off ebay (shipping costs-ugh!).  
2) The bowl size is a 401.  Pyrex sets used to be sold as nesting bowls--4 to a set--and they were numbered 401-404.  My favorite size is 401 and I have been trying to collect a lot of this size.  It is perfect for cereal and ice cream and soup.
3)  The FRIENDSHIP pattern was manufactured and released by Pyrex in 1971, which is the year I was born of course!

House of Cards on Netflix:  Scott and I have watched this whole series (there are two seasons) together and have loved it.  Seriously, so good! 

How was your three day weekend?

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