Thursday, May 22, 2014

Long Hair-Pros & Cons

I haven't had my hair long for 20 years, and now that it is long I am debating whether or not to cut it again.  So here are my likes and dislikes to have long vs short hair.

+Ponytails!!  I love having a swishy ponytail again.  One of the reasons I cut it in the first place was that I was wearing it in a ponytail way too much, but so far, I haven't done that.  I think it will be very handy this summer, especially during raft trips.

-Bangs.  I felt that when I had long hair before I had great bangs.  Now they are all over the place.  They do not make me happy.

+Hair Ornaments.  I like using barrettes and clips but you know what I miss?  Banana clips. I always loved how my hair looked in those.

=Time.  This one is kind of equal.  I have to curl my long hair, but in a pinch I can get up and clip it back or ponytail it.  With short hair I normally had to wet it down and dry it a bit, but it still didn't take long.

-Frizz.  I totally have to curl it.  My hair has waves, but not really curls so if I dry it in the morning with a blow drier it gets super frizzy.  Also, I totally need a hotter curling iron.

-Hair everywhere! I had forgotten how much hair falls out of ones head because its not as noticeable with short hair.  But, everywhere I look (especially in my bathroom sink!)

+Flipping.  Whether it is my ponytail or all my hair, I LOVE flipping it around.  I missed that!

Okay, looking at this I would have to say there short and long are equal for me.  I think I look okay with both so I guess I will keep it long for a bit more!


diane said...

Banana clips- good memories!


Hi there! Awwww.. the perks of having long hair. You know what I use? Karmin clipless curling wand. Does a great job in half the time (i've got really long hair and I get done in about less than 30 minutes with it). Been using it for about a year now and love it. It such a versatile tool! I can use it to curl, wave or just simply add volume to my hair. I am most impressed with how long my curls stay as I have really thick, stubborn hair but they last all day with just a touch of flexible hold hairspray after using this curling wand. Try it out and see for yourself! ;)