Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Monday!

I love Sundays.  They are just my favorite day.  Kind of lazy (if I have had my Saturday at home and gotten my cleaning and laundry done then Sundays are completely lazy--if not I have to work a bit on Sunday).  Yesterday was just refreshing and nice and wonderful, hope yours was great as well.

Today is Renn's birthday!  Happy Birthday darling!  I am so glad our relationship have lasted and lasted.  Your friendship means the world to me!

Carter and I have been watching The 100 and StarCrossed on the CW channel.  Its awesome because he pretty  much waits for me to watch either of those with him.

Max has gotten into Supernatural.  Finally a kid I can really connect with and understand.  (I kid of course).

Both boys are playing soccer and Max is doing track and KMS and Carter is playing tennis at FHS.  It's a very busy spring and if Carter wasn't able to drive I am not sure what I would do!

As a result of this busy-ness our dinners are hit and miss.  I have been cooking (nothing new though) but we rarely are all at home at the same time to actually eat together!

And just so you are all aware--there are 32 days of school left!

Hope you have a great week!

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