Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Displaying My Pyrex

This past weekend I went to my mom and dad's house and cleaned out an old barrister bookcase they had in the basement.  I pulled out a lot of the old stuff I have been "collecting" for the past 20 years or so (nothing serious, just a jar or cookbook here and there) and I created a display that I am just in love with!

The top has my milk bottles that my mother-in-law found for me once upon a time.  The Pyrex bowl on top was 3.99 at a thrift store.  The black cookbook was my grandma's and was published in 1937!

The top row is mostly new-to-me stuff, some from ebay and some from a garage sale type store (it's not expensive like an antique store, but it's not cheap like a thrift either).  I have decided not to buy from ebay because the shipping is awful.  It's kind of more fun to look around home and it will give me things to do when I go out of town too!

The second shelf is the best.  I was at my church the other day and I was looking through some cupboards in the daycare to see if they had Pyrex.  They had the big blue bowl on the left and the three in the middle (there are three there, you just can't see them all).  So the next day I asked if I could have them if I traded them out for others and they said of course!  So I did and gave them a couple mixing bowls I don't use much.  And the one all the way on the right on that shelf was 2.00 from the Good Will.  I also got another big green bowl from my church but it's not in here yet.

The two on the left on the third shelf (along with the brown one on the bottom shelf and the orange bowl on the bottom) were from my mom.  She had been using them for years but gladly gave them to me when I started all this!

The rest are a variety of finds from thrift stores and a few antiques market places. 

I just love how it turned out!

These are a few more I bought.  Mostly from the garage sale place I was telling you about.  She has a ton of stuff but it's not all in great shape.

I have learned a lot about Pyrex in the past few months and have to say there is more out there than I ever realized!  I want a few more baking dishes and my favorite things are the refrigerator dishes (like the little white and pink one on the top shelf).  When they were sold they were as sets of four, two little ones, one medium one and one big one.  Someday I would like to have a few complete sets of those because I just love the "old-fashioned-ness" of them!

I can't wait to go to Oregon over spring break and look around for some stuff there.  I hope I can find a few new things!

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