Saturday, January 18, 2014

To Do Books

This past week I decided to create my own "To Do" book.  I bought these cute little notebooks when they were on sale at Shopko last summer and was using them as kind of a journal/to do list type of book.  I saw some homemade ones on Pinterest and decided to make something that fit my needs a little better.  Here's what I have come up with so far...

I used some really nice textured cardstock for the cover.  So, it's not the sturdiest, but I don't mind that because I have a lot of cardstock in a lot of colors.
There are a variety of inside pages, lined, blank, and boxes.  There are also two Doodles pages included for those long phone conversations or meetings.
Once I made the basic version, I decided to make seasonal specific journals--that way I can switch every three months.  Another reason I don't mind the less sturdy cardstock.
I made a few for some people who saw them and I didn't put the labels on the front.  I could but I thought that some people might want to decorate their own!
I think they are darling!  I have a few tweaks to make still , but overall I am just super pleased with how cute they are!

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Diane S said...

so cute... I love them!