Monday, January 06, 2014

Favorite Podcasts

I have gotten really into listening to podcasts, not just old time radio ones which I still love, but other fun ones.  Here are current three favorites:

1.  This American Life: I just love this one.  It's broadcast on NPR each week, then becomes a podcast on Monday.  They also have a great app that has access to all their old episodes, hundreds of them.

2.  The Moth: My favorite thing about this one is that it is pretty short, about 15 mins long.  It's basically people telling personal and true stories on stage.  It's so good and also has a great app with older performances.  I adore this podcast.

3.  Welcome to Night Vale:  I discovered this one over break and there are no words to describe it, but here goes.  It's basically a news/slice of life report from a small desert town called Night Vale.  However, it is the weirdest, most random stuff.  You really have to give it about three podcasts to get it and by then you will probably be hooked--I was anyway.

More and more I find myself alone in my car (especially when I had to drive back and forth to Bigfork all fall) so it's very fun to have something different to listen to.  Good stuff!(And a big bonus, they are all free!)

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