Sunday, December 01, 2013

My Favorite Things

1.  These fonts.  I downloaded almost all of them, they are so cute (you can download them from this website or go to her personal website and download them all in one file). And then I spent all of Thanksgiving break making sample sheets of all my fonts and weeding out a bunch of them.  I am down to only 1024.  That's big since I started at 1200+.  I think I will keep trying until I get to 1000.

2.  I know I have a few years until Carter heads to college, but it is really not that far away.  Over the last few months I have found a couple of blogs written for moms of older children--teens and college age.  I enjoy reading them both and feel I have gotten a lot of wisdom from them.  Check them out:  Grown and Flown and Ooph.  (Ooph also has some really good lists, like 10 Things a Boy Should Know Before His First Date.)

3.  Komanchi Knives.  I got my set from Costco, and a year later they are still sharp and awesome.  Plus they look cool too.  They have them at Costco right now and I know they would make great gifts for Christmas.  (They have them at Wal-Mart as well, but I think just single ones)

4.  I have used a lot of pens this past year and love most of them--InkJoy is great and so are the colored Bic clicky pens too.  But I keep coming back to Profile Pens.  They are so smooth!  I normally don't like pens that are so thick but I make an exception for these. They are the best!

5.  I don't actually have this yet, but I bought a few for the boys this Christmas.  I think these look amazing--USB power strips.  You can plug four devices in to charge them at the same time!  It will free up so many plugs.  (I ended up buying them from ebay because amazon was all out.)

6.  This also is a future item, but I am pretty sire I will love it:  Mob City on TNT.  It starts on Wednesday the 4th and I adore noir (LA Confidential is one of my very favorite movies ever).  This is one show I want to try and watch when it is on TV because I am that excited for it!

7.  Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become our favorite show.  It's always good when we find a show that all four of us like and this one is so funny!  If you haven't caught it give it a try, its on FOX on Tuesday night.

8.  BuzzFeed.  This is the best website around right now.  Everyday you are going to find something on there that you will either find super funny or super moving or just downright cute.  And if you go on there at work just understand that you will not get anything done that day.  (I am surprised it hasn't been blocked at the middle school).

9.  PicMonkey!  I LOVE this site and I discover something new I can do almost every week.  I would love to give classes on this so that EVERYONE can discover why I love it so much!  It is just the BEST ever!

10.  My laptop.  I was very resistant to getting a laptop because I really liked where my desktop was.  But I was wrong, a laptop is awesome.  I can do computer stuff in bed!  And I can watch Hulu+ and Netflix on it also.  I love it!

There are 10 of my favorite things from the past few months!  Kisses to you all!

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