Friday, November 29, 2013

The Rest Of November Thankful

Okay, massive fail on my part for 30 days of thankful.  However, I have a list so here's wha tI was going to post:

10.  Quiet:  I don't always love quiet but sometimes, it just soothes the soul.
11.  Coffee:  I didn't start drinking coffee till I was in my late 30's but now this is how I feel about it:
12.  TV:  You all already know how I feel about TV!
13.  My Family:  I am thankful for all of my family, all of Scott's family and all those that have become family.  Our lives are very rich with family!
14.  Max:  Can I just say I adore this child? Completely adore.  He is so much like me that we have our tense moments, but overall, he is just wonderful.  I love being his mom!
15.  Carter:  And this child, wow.  Even though he is feeling out his freedom of driving and acting very much like a 15 year old, he is still just so much to be proud of.  I love being his mom!
16.  New Experiences: I am not one to go outside of my comfort zone, but watching Max try out and succeed in his first play makes me want to stretch my wings as well. 
17.  Weather:  I know why autumn and spring are my favorite seasons, because the weather can be different everyday.  I love those changes--I love that there can be rainy, wind and sunshine in the same day. 
18.  Trees:  And this town in abundant in trees!  I love driving down third avenue when there is a leaf canopy above me.  And the leaves in the fall!
19.  Books:  enough said.
20.  Scented Candles:  I just adore the ones from Bath & Bodyworks.  And that they always go on sale and change with the seasons.  Perfect for my house!
21.  Bubble Baths:  Again, you know how I feel about these.
22.  BPCT:  Stands for Bigfork Playhouse Children's Theater.  This program is amazing--they are so organized.  They were able to put on a wonderful performance of The Wizard of Oz in 2 and a half weeks with a cast of over 50 kids!  And they included Max and it has doen wonderful things for him!
23.  Scott:  Okay, one thing about my husband is that he is my best friend.  We have always enjoyed each other but over the last few years we have gotten a lot closer.  I think it started when Max and I had our river accident and just carried over into Carter's diagnosis, but we talk so much more and enjoy being together so much more.  He is the BEST!
24.  Siblings:  My brother and sister and I have also gotten closer over the last few years.  I think it has helped that our kids are all older and we have more in common now with teenagers.  Whatever the case, I am glad I am not an only child!
25.  My Job:  I just love going to work, I just love being at work and I just love what I do.  This is a huge blessing, I know because many people can't say that about their jobs.  This is truly what I was meant to do!
26.  Social Media:  I know that many people get so frustrated with social media because of how kids use it, but I have to say I love being able to connect with people I wouldn't normally, read advice and get wisdom from blogs, and stay connected with friends and family.  The world is smaller, but also, way bigger!
27.  Medical Researchers:  If Carter had been diagnosed 20 years ago, his treatments would've been so different.  He might not even have a colon right now!  So, I am very thankful for the advances that have been made with this disease!
28.  Doctors:  The men and women who have taken care of Carter have been so amazing.  It has made it easier for all of us to deal with this change in his life.
29.  Nurses:  We have had great nurses and good nurses and I tell you what, the great ones make life at a hospital so much easier.  They are undervalued!
30.  All of my friends:  I have made so many new friends and have kept so many old, just like the song!  My life is so much richer for having so many people in it!

So there you have it, 30 things I am thankful for in 2013.  Up next my recent favorite things--just like Oprah!

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Anonymous said...

Well said! Enjoy your last few days of break and let's make sure we find time for a quick meal or movie over Christmas.