Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Let's Talk Camera Apps

Okay, I have done a TON of research (both online and personal) about camera apps for the iPhone.  Here's why, my own camera is not working.  I got it fixed last year, fall maybe and I am not keen in having to send it off and get it fixed again (actually, it's just the lens not working but still I can't quite afford a new lens yet, maybe for Christmas).

It all started when my brother, sister-in-law and I had a discussion about whether or not people even need a camera when they have their phones.  I did some online research on this and discovered that many, many people only use their phones.  So I downloaded one of the camera apps that is highest rated on many site:  Camera+.

I LOVE it.  It allows you to set the exposure so you are almost always able to get good light.  You an edit pictures and enhance right there.  It is a wonderful app and take great pictures.

However, here's the downfall.  They don't print well.  One 4th of July we took a bunch of family pictures, me with my phone and my sister-in-law with her Rebel.  The 4x6 sizes printed up about the same.  Good quality.  Anything bigger though did not print up well.  Pretty pixelated.  They didn't look awful, though and if they were hanging on the wall and someone was looking at them from across the room they would look fine.  There is a different quality setting but I haven't tried using that, yet.

Then this week mt niece showed me PowerCam.  This is another fun app and the pictures look really awesome on the phone.  I will have to let you know how they print.  The fun part of this app is there is a Color Splash setting.  You can set the camera to only see a certain color.  When you take a picture once a color is set, everything but that color comes out black & white.  Very cool pictures!

Lastly, I printed up a bunch of pictures I had instagrammed.  I made a collage one that printed up 6 small pictures.  They turned out great.

So this summer isn't completely wasted, I got a lot of good pictures and can print most of them.  I will keep you updated as I run more trials!

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