Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Roundup

We spent the weekend in Great Falls for state soccer.  It was very successful in that we won that state championship in our bracket. Carter played well and overall had a great season.  I think he really grew as a player, but I know he developed some great friendships that made the season even more fun for him. 

Scott is very happy soccer is over and is looking forward to a soccer free fall.

I enjoyed Great Falls because there is a restaurant called Salad Creations there.  I guess it is a chain, but is just moving west.  It is awesome.  I ate there for lunch all three days we were there.

We stayed in a horrible hotel where the bed was as hard as the ground.  We were really late in getting rooms and there was not a lot of choices so we couldn't be choosy.  There was only one queen bed so the boys ended up sleeping on the floor, there were awesome and didn't complain or anything.  We were all happy to come home to our own beds last night.

So now we have another wonderful week of summer home before we head to Oregon! 

How is your summer going?

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