Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Week #1

Normally the first week of summer is always so relaxing.  Lots of laziness.
However, this week is not going to be!
Carter and Max are both going to be at Kid's Camp, so you'd think I would have such a fun, quiet week.
Except that Carter has soccer on Monday and Tuesday and Max has baseball on Wednesday.  So, I have to drive out there to pick them up and drive them back out afterwards.
Then we have to leave on Friday morning for soccer state.
Scott and I were planning to go out to dinner and maybe a movie one evening, but we will be busy every evening!  This is our last week of both (baseball and soccer) so we can push on through and make it!

I also have some cleaning I want to get done this week so I don't have it looming over me all summer.

So maybe next week will be my relaxing first week of summer...

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