Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer TV

I always look towards the summer as a time to catch up on regular season TV and reading.  I have been doing good with both but I kind of forgot that I also have to deal with SUMMER TV!!  There are some returning shows that I am loving and some new shows I am looking forward to (or already loving).  Here's what I am watching:

Longmire:  This is a show on A&E that started last summer.  I love this show and I am not sure why.  It is about a sheriff in a small town in Wyoming and I find it highly improbable because there just aren't that many murders or dead bodies found in small towns around here.  But I just love it.

The Killing:  This is the third season of this show (on AMC).  I watched the first one, but not the second.  The third started a new murder mystery and there is just something about the main male detective that I love.  The story is great, but I really watch it for him.

Burn Notice:  I haven't watched this for a few seasons, but Scott really likes it.  We watched it last night and decided we would watch it for this summer--which is it's last season.

Graceland:  I LOVE this show.  It is brand new and so good.  It is on USA and has only been on for two seasons.  Great show!

True Blood:  On HBO, whenever I think I will stop watching this show it ends on a cliffhanger and I have to come back.  We will see if I keep going this summer or not but the season premiere showed promise.

Noticing a pattern?  Mostly one hour long cop shows.

On Netflix I am watching:

Cheers!  I started this on season one and have been going through it steadily.  The best part is I can play it on my ipad whenever I am somewhere cleaning or doing laundry or organizing.

What have you been enjoying this summer so far?

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