Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our Trip in Instagram

The boys and I (and Carter's friend Colton) are in Oregon and Washington this week.  One reason I wanted a nicer phone was because I had heard the camera was better in the iPhone 5. 
And it is!  To the point where I forget to use my nice camera (that's also because I think there is something wrong with one of the lenses and I haven't taken the time to get it fixed!). 

Anyway, I have been taking pictures with my phone and then filtering them through instagram.

(here's a helpful hint, if you like the filters instagram uses but don't want to share them, put your iphone on airplane mode (not sure what mode you would use on an android but basically you don't want to be able to connect to any network), then start instagram and edit your picture like normal, then hit the share button.  Because it's not connected it will not be able to share, but it saves it to your camera roll anyway!) 

So here's the first few days of our trip, instagram style!

Yes, I took that picture of Mt. Hood while I was driving.  That is a super good example to show your recently finished with driver's ed teenage son!  I also took the picture or the traffic while I was driving too, but we were pretty much stopped then.  I took that one for Scott because the traffic is one thing he does not miss about living out here. 

We went to the Adidas campus to the employee store--the boys loved that.  We did get told not to climb on the shoes, but that was after I got the picture. 

We went to the VooDoo Doughnuts store in downtown Portland, which was packed with a very long line.  So we then found the other store and bought our doughnuts there.  Much quicker wait!  That was really the first time I have driven in downtown Portland and it kind of freaked me out but I made it!

Today is the Timbers game so I will take a bunch there. 

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