Thursday, June 20, 2013

Organizing & Cleaning Projects Summer 2013

I am going to call on all three of you to keep me accountable this summer.  Here's what I need to get done (I got a lot done last week, this week, not so much):

  • clean and organize washer & dryer closet
  • clean out storage room (this is huge and I won't be doing it alone)
  • clean out food storage room
  • clean off pantry shelves
This is what I got done last week:
  • clean above fridge (I tend to throw all manner of things up there during the school year)
  • clean off hooks in mud room
  • clean boys closets (I organized the clothes anyway,  am not doing Max's floor until he is there to help)
  • organize freezers and create lists of what is in there
There are also numerous small things I want to get done but here's what I found.This stuff does not take a long time to do, so why do I put it all off till summer?  I can do one of these projects inside of an hour.  Why do I put it off?!

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