Thursday, June 20, 2013

Max & Basketball

Max is in basketball camp this week.  One of the days when I was driving him home he told me he just doesn't like it that much anymore.  I told him he does not have to play, even next year, but he did say he would play 7th grade ball.
He and I discussed that I see him going more to the speech/debate and drama and music route in high school (and art, remember all the paper things he used to create?).  He agreed with me and I told him that I didn't care if he played sports, but I just want him involved in a few things.
I am impressed that he is coming to the realization that sports might not be his thing.  I just hope it is coming from him and NOT because there is a butthead at camp putting him down (which there is but I think Max is downplaying it a bit).
It's a Flathead camp so a lot of the boys working it know Carter.  I told Carter he needs to come with me one day and walk Max in and tell a few of his friends working the camp to watch out for Max for us.  He didn't feel comfortable doing that (which I understand) but i would've been cool if he had!

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