Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Keep On, Keeping On

Three days left!
I am so excited.
This past weekend was so incredibly busy.
We hosted the annual Three Blind Refs soccer tournament.  Scott is president of the soccer board and he reffed and he coached, so he was so busy.  Carter played and helped out.  Max and I helped out too.  Saturday (after the first day) we left the fields at 10:00pm.  It was exhausting but also rewarding.  Carter's team did well, the tournament was fun and Scott is in a much better mood this week.
He is so awesome, just wonderful.  He was very appreciative of my help throughout the weekend so he shared some of his reffing money with me.
And I just couldn't resist, guess what I bought with the money he gave me?!

Tonight I finish volleyball.  Max has two baseball games and his tournament starts this weekend.  And best of all--SCHOOL IS OUT ON FRIDAY!!

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