Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap

First of all, we went to Star Trek Into Darkness this weekend.  It was awesome.  I probably say this every summer but there are some good looking movies coming out this year!

I had a slew of books that I have been starting and not finishing and finally this week I got some of them read.  I finished four books last week.  That sounds like a lot but I had started all of them much earlier so it was just a matter of actually getting them read.

I also checked out season 1 of Deadwood from the public library.  This was a series on HBO quite a few years back that I never got into.  There is a lot of dirtiness and swearing (it takes place in the 1800's in a mining town).  But I have still been hearing good things so I decided to follow my own rule and give it three episodes.  (As a reminder my rule for adult books is 100 pages, YA/MG books is 50 and TV series is three episodes)(although sometimes you can tell much sooner than that if you are going to connect with something).  Anyway, I am really loving it now!

Upcoming this week-baseball and Carter finishes drivers ed.  Which reminds me I have to call our insurance company...

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