Thursday, May 09, 2013

Reasons I Love Being Me...

In honor of my birthday here are some reasons I love this life and all the 42 years I have been here!

*my husband and my kids--wow, I picked a good man and we made some good kids.  It is so much fun!
*my family--my natural family and my married into family.  Love them all so much and they make my life richer.
*friends--isn't is amazing how many people come into our lives everyday that mean something to you? It's awesome!
*technology--I just love it and so far, it loves me.
*my job--I love going to work each day.  I truly do!  The kids, the staff, the books, I love it all!
*this world--this time of year especially I love it.  The changes in the weather, the sunshine, the wind, all of it!
(This morning there was thunder as I was getting ready for school, it made me want to open my bedroom windows and crawl in bed and read and listen to the thunder.  That would've been an awesome way to start the day!)
*food & coffee--I had someone bring me a chocolate croissant this morning & I also got a coffee, not a bad way to start my birthday!
*colored pens

Really, for all that I might spout negativism I don't thing I am that much of a negative person.  I am just happy with all the blessings in my life.

THANK YOU LORD for choosing me for this!!

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