Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Binge Watching

I don't if I have ever talked about this, but it's an actual thing.
It's something I have done for years without actually having a name for it.
Binge watching is when you have a TV show recorded or on DVD or streaming that you watch--one episode after another.
I love it.  In fact, it;s gotten so that I almost watch everything in chunks.  There are rarely any shows that I watch when they are on or the night I recorded them or even the next night.  Normally I wait and watch three or four during one weekend.
This past weekend I got all caught up on Arrow (a show on the CW) that I really enjoyed.  I had six episodes of that to watch.
It's certainly a lazy way to watch TV!
Scott is currently binge watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix.  This is a hysterical, super inappropriate show that makes you uncomfortable with how much you laugh at it!

Some of the shows I have enjoyed binge watching over the years--
Supernatural, Doctor Who, Torchwood, (almost anything British actually--another readon I love Netflix, tons of BBC shows!), The Good Wife.

I am not sure I love the phrase binge watching, but I know I love doing it!


Anonymous said...

Just sent Drew off on a trip with grandparents with an ipod full of BBC RobinHood. I watched the first two with him to get him into it and now I'm addicted again too. Many thanks (AGAIN) to you for the referral!

Anonymous said...

And MacGyver, of course!