Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I like a good blustery day but I always envision myself at home, in a chair reading or watching TV, baking something yummy, with slippers on.

I don't envision myself outside coaching track or watching baseball.

The other day I really liked my hair.  I am growing the layers out and for the most part I am liking it, but there are days when I want to cut it all off again.  However, on Saturday I loved it.  Here's what I did to create the look:

*spent all day on Friday out in the wind coaching track.
*slept on it Friday night.
*got up and wet it down and brushed it.
*spent about an hour outside in the wind on Saturday watching baseball.
*went home and took a half hour nap.
*got up and brushed it again.
*viola!  it looked great!

I don't think it's a hairstyle I will ever be able to recreate!

Upcoming Summer Movies:
May 3 (that's this Friday people!):  IRONMAN 3!!
(we have soccer and driving and baseball all day Saturday so we are going Sunday afternoon)(Carter is driving!!)
May 17: STAR TREK!!
(this is also Max's birthday so we are going THAT DAY, after school)

How is your Tuesday?

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