Monday, April 15, 2013

Meals For This Week

I am keeping up with it!
On Monday we are invited to a friend's house for a birthday dinner, so that's taken care of.
Tuesday I am making orange chicken.  Max loves Panda Express' Orange Chicken, so I bought their sauce and found a copycat recipe for their noodles and I am going to give it all a try!
Wednesday is spaghetti night.  I am taking my youth group to the movie 42 so we have to be quick and done by 6!  I already made the spaghetti sauce (planning ahead, oh yeah!), so it will be quick!
Thursday BBQ beef sandwiches.
Not sure about Friday or Saturday, I want to have pizza one night, I just love pizza and then Mexican Shepard's Pie.

I am patting myself on my back!

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