Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meal Plan April 8-13

So, Max and I decided that we were eating too much fast food.  Mostly because I wasn't planning well enough and since we were always in the car running from here to there in March it was just easier to run through a drive through (also, Max just had a nutrition unit in health and decided there is too much fat in fast food).

Our goal for the month of April is no fast food.  The exceptions are:  Subway on Fridays (for me, I like to go get lunch on Friday and I know that's about as healthy of fast food as there is), Starbucks coffee (I normally only have this on Saturday mornings) and blizzards from Dairy Queen or ice cream from Baskin Robbins (if I can have my coffee, he can have a special treat too).

I like our plan, but that is what it is taking, planning.  And prep work. 

The very nice part is that I am having left overs for lunch, makes the mornings go very easy! (the links will either take you to a recipe page I have made up to print or the website I got it from)

My meal plan for this week is:
*chicken & rice casserole
*salmon & couscous & asparagus (I bought the mixes of couscous that they have at Costco because someone made that for Scott & Max while I was still gone during spring break and they loved it).
*Chinese sundae (I have talked about this before--so quick and easy)
*pork roast with pan sauce & smashed potatoes
*homemade pizza (I have pizza dough from Trader Joe's, however, Super 1 has fresh pizza dough in their deli department)
*crockpot burritos

And it's already Wednesday--so far so good!

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Niki Warnell said...

Have you ever seen my recipe/shopping spreadsheet? If you want it, I am happy to send it to you. I sit down on Sunday and plan all of our meals for the week and then do my shopping list based on that and what is already in the fridge/freezer/pantry. The shopping list is set up based on the aisle set up at the grocery story I go to most and by the stuff that I buy the most. It has saved me a ton of money and also helps us avoid the "what are we having for dinner tonight?" question. I LOVE IT!