Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

So, my family bought me my birthday/mother's day present early.  Actually, I picked it out and picked it up but I got the thumbs up from my family.

I realize that it makes my actual day less special, but I will find a way to rectify that!

At any rate, I was thinking about upgrading my phone and I knew I could get an iphone 4 for a great price and an iphone 4S for a good price, but I decided to just go big or go home.

I got an iphone 5.

And now my life is perfect--my kids are better behaved, my house is cleaner, my hair is shinier and I always can find something cute to wear!

Just kidding of course, but i do love it.

An currently my favorite app is the flashlight.  It is just so useful.  If I was out camping (ha!) or something I would rather have an actual flashlight, but for finding something in my room at night when the lights are out and Scott is asleep it is just perfect!

And it is so much faster!  And the screen is bigger!  And it charges quicker!  I just love it!

And I have found the CUTEST cases on ebay (for around $5 with free shipping).  It will be the best dressed phone on the block!

How is your week starting out?

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Lorri said...

I got the 5 a month ago. My favorite feature is the microphone for talk-to-texting. LOVE IT!!