Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey There

I realize that it has been forever since I posted but here's my excuse.
Everyday in January and February that I made it to the end I breathed a sigh of relief.  They were two very busy, very hard months.  I felt like I was in the Tour de France and some days were the hill stage and some days were sprints.
But, I made it through and besides youth group on Wednesday I don't have on think going on in the evenings!

However, all is not peachy in Warnell land.

Carter is having surgery on March 29.  He and Scott and I really feel this is a necessary course of action, but I will be nervous and anxious until we are in the hospital recovery room.  Who am I kidding, I will still be nervous and anxious even after that!

Max is on a travel basketball team!  And what a headache it's been.
There were a few of us moms setting up the team in late January, fully aware that we were a year and a half behind most teams, but we had a group of boys who really wanted to play more.
So we played in one tournament and lost three games but we actually won one!

Then two players decided to leave us to be on another team they were asked to be on AFTER they said they would be on our team.
They couldn't wait through one more tournament.
They had to leave NOW.

Really?  Really?

I am still feeling a lot of disappointment and hurt about this, more so now since we got our schedule for the next tournament and guess who we play first.  Oh yes, the team that they left us for.

It's going to be a fun weekend!

How was your winter?

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