Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Favorite App


This is the best recipe/grocery app EVER.
This is how it works:

Search for a recipe:
You can find almost anything you have pinned on pinterest.  I think there has been only one recipe it has failed to find for me.

Select the recipe that is the same as the one you wanted (or one that looks good).
It will list all the ingredients and give you a link to find the recipe on the web (I am not sure why those funny symbols are at the front of the ingredients)
If you like the looks of the recipe click the arrow box button at the top right hand corner.  You will get these options:
Click save recipe if it's one you just want to remember.  If you want to buy the stuff to make it for your next meal, touch "add to shopping list."
This is where it gets really good.  It will list all the ingredients and let you know what they think you need to buy and what you might already have.  Touch the boxes to either "X" the item or clear the item, then touch "ADD."

Voila!  It will be on your shopping list!  And you can create different shopping lists for different stores.

Not that this app has helped me cook more, but it certainly could!


(By the way, right now I am on the road to Spokane, but I have scheduled a few posts for you to enjoy whilst I am away from a computer.  Which actually will only be during my travel time.)

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