Sunday, November 18, 2012


I hope to update the Thankful pictures, but it might not happen.  I got distracted working on Christmas card ideas!  I have a list of thanksfuls, just haven't taken the time to put them on paper.  Fingers crossed!

I did try a fantastic recipe last weekend though.  It was a crockpot recipe, super good the night we ate it and great as leftovers for lunch. I have been trying some new recipes and am delighted to say that I have had more successes than failures, so far!
Cream Cheese Crock Pot Chicken.  Yummy!

I also finished 5 books this week.  Two of them I had started before but I had been kind of stagnant in getting books finished, but I finally pushed through a few.  It feels good because as much as I LOVE reading sometimes I do feel it's my job and when it feels like work I don't like that.  The ones I finished this week were really good and I feel like I am catching up on some things!

How was your week?

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