Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful Days 5, 6 & 7

Slowly getting caught up on my Thankful for pictures.  But I can tell you that tonight I am thankful for my warm, cozy house!!
This week was so wonderful.

On Tuesday we had the most wonderful evening.  We all went to the soccer field to help Scott with some clean up before the snow started flying, then we headed home.  We all hung out in the kitchen while I made dinner, then Scott & I relaxed together in the basement.  We all played Yahtzee, then went to bed.  Just a nice, fun family evening.

I had the book fair at my library this week, then conferences for both Max & Carter.  They are both doing well in school--behavior-wise and with their grades.  They are hard workers!

On Wednesday we had Scott's final awards night for Bravettes soccer.  He did well, but had a hard time getting through some parts.  I think we will enjoy next fall without that pressure but he will miss it!

And today Scott went hunting and both the boys have friends over.  This means I have had some solitude tonight and am enjoying catching up with some TV shows!

I hope you had a very wonderful week also and are staying dry and warm!

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