Thursday, November 01, 2012

End of October Update...

So the big news in our lives is that Scott has resigned his coaching position at Flathead High School.  This is going to be such a big change in our falls, but one that is so needed.  Scott has LOVED being a soccer coach and he has way more good memories than bad about his 11 years with Flathead soccer, but things are too busy, in our lives, at his job, everything.  He felt this year he wasn't able to really be effective at either coaching or his job.  So, soccer has to go!  He feels pretty good about his decision, but I know next fall will have some bittersweet moments. 

Carter got his first varsity letter this week.  He had such an amazing time playing soccer this fall.  The upperclassmen were so welcoming and encouraging.  It was a hard season in that we didn't win a game, but for me it was an awesome season.  The first game of the season he played JV and did really well.  I was really expecting our season to be mostly JV, which was fine with me.  I really felt he needed time to grow and get used to playing against a bunch of age levels.  But that same day he did get to play some varsity--against the defending state champions.  And he held his own!  It was so encouraging to see.  He ended up starting about 6 games of varsity and playing the entire game in about 3 of those.  He was one of two freshmen who got that much playing time.  He had a blast with his first high school sports experience!  (I will post some pictures later--I am at school right now and my pictures are at home).

Max has done a great job starting out middle school.  He had a crush on a girl pretty much by the end of the first week.  It was apparent after awhile that she did return the feelings--for a little bit.  Now it is apparent that she doesn't.  It has made him feel bad, but he's bouncing back pretty good.  He also played on a fall soccer team--at a higher age level than I would've like for his first year at a select level of soccer--but he did well and really improved.  It was great to see him work so hard and enjoy it so much!

And me, I am loving my job--currently surrounded by new books I am cataloging.  I have had a fantastic fall and am looking forward to a low key November!

How are all of you doing?

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